How to Choose the Best SEO Company in Kansas City

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of ranking your website higher in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ping, etc. Selecting an authentic SEO company is one of the biggest decisions businesspersons take for achieving good ranking of their website. With several SEO companies these days, you need to be very careful when finding one for your business. Although there are several scam companies, the risk of hiring such a company gets reduced if you have good knowledge on SEO. Also by hiring the services of an authentic company, the professionals will be responsible for improving your site’s ranking, increasing the number of visitors and turning leads into sales. Read on to know how to choose the best SEO company for your business.

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  • Know the services offered by the company – A good SEO company will help increase visitors to your site and ensure that your website gets high ranking in the search results. They will also provide other services such as social media optimization, search engine marketing, content copywriting, website designing and development, pay per click, Google Analytics and Adwords, etc. In addition to this, the professional will provide best service using various tools for your business needs.
  • Check the experience of the company – SEO is changing almost every day and you should appoint an expert who has both knowledge and expertise in this domain. A reliable Kansas City SEO company will provide you with a list of sites for which they have worked in the past. Make it a point to check the experience and repertoire of the work done by the company you are planning to choose for your business requirements. Also find out, when the company was registered and where it is located. This will enable you to take right decision and choose an authentic SEO company.
  • Get recommendations from friends – Try to get recommendations of your friends and business associates when searching for a reliable SEO company. This is a great way to find out if you are contacting a good company for your business needs. Apart from this, go through the website of the company, read the testimonials very carefully and send emails to the firm to see how quickly they respond you. Although finding a reputable company may take some time, it will be worth it when you find the best one that matches your need.
  • Cheap could actually be expensive – Many SEO companies charge low prices for their services. However, they do initially reveal all their costs to customers. By choosing such a company, you will soon find that cheap can actually be expensive when you pay. It is advisable to choose a professional SEO firm as they will have reasonable rates for their services.

Make it a point to conduct thorough research about the company you are planning to hire for your online business. This, in turn, will help avoid losing your valuable time and hard-earned money.

About the Author:

Glynnis Thomas is a writer who contributes articles for Fox Web Creations, a Kansas City Search Engine Optimization and web design agency specializing in a complete internet marketing services.

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SEO Tips to Boost Ranking of Your Website

seo-tipsIf you are running your business, then it is very important to know how to deal with potential customers. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most effective ways to let the customers know about your business and products/services. For this, it is essential that the website gets high ranking in the search engines. Check out some SEO tips to improve a website’s ranking.

  • Use appropriate keywords – Proper usage of keywords will help the website get good ranking in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Various applications and tools can be used to determine which keyword phrase is most appropriate for higher ranking of the website.
  • Write original and informative content – Write original, informative and unique content for your website. Only then, more people would like to visit your website and go through the content. The customers usually look for trustworthy business sources with whom they can build long-term relationship. By sharing unique and high value information, you can hope to connect to potential associates. However, if the website does not have a professional look and feel to it, then the customers will simply skim the site and they may be interested to come back again. Remember not to publish duplicate content which could be very damaging for your website.
  • Take help of social media websites – You may take help of social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. for increasing the number of back links to the website. Post regular company updates on these sites to create awareness about your brand and all that it offers. These social networking sites are a good platform to inform your target audiences about promotional offers, deals, discounts, etc. The more back links you may have, the more visitors you will have for the website. Posting some well-written blogs in your websites will also attract more traffic.
  • Do article marketing – You can do article marketing by submitting articles to the submission directories. Make sure the articles are of high quality or take professional help to create the content for your website. Once done, submit them to the article submission directories. Remember to keep in mind the guidelines to create content to avoid getting black listed by search engines.

This way, you will be able to boost the ranking of the website and ensure online success for your business.

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Blogging SEO Tips for Business

Blogging is a task that most business owners dread or worse, ignore all together. That is because they are being told they need to blog, they are blogging for the wrong reasons and lastly, because they are not seeing the benefits in time to get excited about blogging. No matter if you are in the upper peninsula or in the middle of Detroit, all Michigan companies can take advantage of blogging to reach out to their audience.

You are in the business you are in because you are good at it and hopefully passionate about it. This in itself should make blogging easier. There are a few things you can do to increase the effectiveness of your blog. Once you start to see your blog bring in traffic you will then be much more excited about blogging.

SEO and Blogging

The first and most important reason blogging and local SEO are such good partners is because search engines needs to know that your website has a large amount of quality content to share with the internet. This is one of the largest trust factors in search engine optimization. Another major signal of trust for search engines is consistency. They will check to see how often you are posting on your blog. A blog that posts frequently is a sign that the website is fresh and active. Otherwise search engines may consider your website old or out dated.

The next thing about blogging that makes it powerful for SEO is that you can target many long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are terms people search for that are very specific and longer than broader, more popular terms. For example a broad term may be ‘shopping malls’. That term is very difficult to rank for and wouldn’t do you much good even if you could rank for it. You would get traffic from people all over the world searching for shopping malls. However a long tail version that you might want to ranks for would be ‘shopping malls in the Lansing Michigan area’. Obviously there will be far less people looking for this term but the ones who are will be far more likely to visit your mall or store.


So by blogging, you essential create an opportunity to rank for a new long tail keyword every time you publish a blog post. There may be many long tail keywords that pop up for one post. After you start to see traffic reach your website through your blog you can track these results using Google Analytics. You will be able to tell which posts are ranking for which keywords. This will help you dial in your efforts and make your blog that much more efficient.

Eventually people will look forward to what you are posting and you will notice you are building backlinks naturally from people that like your blog, much like SEO companies. Search engines love these backlinks because they are easily identified as organic backlinks, which means they are not created by the website owner in an attempt to manipulate their own rankings.

If you couple your efforts with social media the effect is that much more powerful. Build an online community with the Michigan people that are using social media. Create incentives to get them to interact with your social media page. Offer discounts to Facebook fans or when they ‘check in’ using foursquare. This will boost your brand awareness and create the community you want online. Once you have a community built up you can now post your blog posts on social media and count on your community to share and like those posts.

When people interact with you via social media it creates what is known as a social signal to search engines. Search engines recognize that social media is very popular and know that if people are interacting with content than it must mean something. So social signals have become a big part of the search engine algorithms.

In Conclusion

You can see blogging being utilized by small and large companies all over Michigan, from East Bay to Lansing, Upper and Lower Peninsula alike. This means some of your competition has already discovered the power of blog marketing and the benefits it has for search engine optimization.

Us your blog to drive traffic to your website by taking advantage of long tail keywords. Write many posts to get as much long tail traffic as you can. Interact with your online community via social media and give them incentives to interact back. You will quickly learn that for a little effort you can gain a lot.

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Local SEO in 2013

Search engine optimization is ever changing and in 2013 it will continue to evolve. Last year Google made over 30 changes to their search algorithm in an effort to bring users the best experience and remove potential spam websites. With all this rapid change it can be difficult for businesses to know what to do and what to avoid when it comes to marketing for search engines. One thing remains certain, if you have a physical business you need to be visible via Google’s local results.  There are countless case studies that show that local results and local reviews can have a tremendous impact on a business’ revenue.

Local SEO vs Normal SEO

Search engine optimization, or as we call it SEO services is considered to be organic because it brings in website traffic without having to pay for it directly. When someone does a search for a term and finds your website they have found you in the organic search result listings. Paid search results are those that are sponsored on the sides and top of the results pages. Those results will cost the website owner each time someone clicks on the link.

Michigan SEO search results show up when a user is looking for a place or business that is specific to a particular location. Examples of places that show up in local search results are restaurants, flower shops, dentists, chiropractors and any other type of physical business. The way that Google finds results for local search is different from the way they get results from normal organic search results. They pull information from different directories as well as look for information about your businesses location on your website.

Google also takes into consideration your business’ reputation; if you have many good ratings then your level of trust will be in good standing. If you have several bad rankings then your site may be overlooked in place of another business that has better ratings.

The Rise of Mobile

Every year the rate at which people access the internet through their mobile phone increases dramatically. Tablets and mobile phones are becoming a normal part of everyone’s life due to their ease of use and convenience. When people are out and about it is very easy to look for places to shop or eat with their mobile device and most even allow you to speak the search and it will provide results. The results of these searches are Google’s Places or Plus results and this is why you need to be optimized for such searches.

If Google cannot find enough information about your business to pin point its location then you are not likely to rank in local search results. A mobile user does not even need to input their current location. Using GPS Google will know where the user is at the time they search the internet and therefore show them the appropriate results.  This is huge for local businesses in 2013.

How to Get Ranked Locally

So how can you take advantage of local search? You must make use of all the resources that Google will pull information from. Submit your business to as many directories as you can. Google gets their information from websites like Yelp in order to display local search results. If you cannot be found on these websites then you have little chance of ranking well in local search.

Submitting your business to these sites alone is not enough either. You must be very certain that all the information is filled out and it matches across all websites you submitted to. An example of the wrong way to do it is with a local supermarket that also has a pharmacy. On one site they give their business name as ‘x supermarkets’, on another site they list ‘x supermarket and pharmacy’. This small oversight will cause confusion to the search engines and could hurt your local rankings.

Submitting your site to the hundreds of business directories and web sites can be tedious and monotonous work. However it is work that needs to be done in order to get the most benefit from local search. The cost benefit you will receive from putting in the time will be well worth it. It is not just your business name that needs to be consistent as well, all your information including address; phone number etc. must be accurate and matching.

In Conclusion

In the ever changing world of the internet you can keep up with the times by making your business web site visible to local search results. People will be searching for places to spend their money on mobile phones and they will browse local places search results. Mobile phones and tablets are quickly becoming the device of choice for gaining internet access and that trend is increasing greatly. Staying up with the times and ranking well for local search is the best way to get targeted website traffic as well as physical shop visits throughout 2013 and beyond.

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Local SEO Tips

If you are looking for a way to get more targeted leads in 2013; Local SEO company is where you should start. You can get a very good return on investment with local SEO because the out of pocket expense could be fairly low over the long run for the lasting results it provides. By taking advantage of a few simple local SEO tips you can rank your website in Google Places and get seen by the many people browsing the internet on their mobile devices. Mobile devices are becoming the method of choice for searching the internet so it is important you start now to rank for local SEO.

Get Involved With Local Online Communities

This means actively participating in local sites, social sites or even local forums. This will give you an edge because search engines will see that you are associated with forums that are talking about your local area.  This would be considered above and beyond what your competition is probably doing. This is a big factor because it proves that your business is actually in the area you claim to be in and you are an active part of that community. By participating in local forums you will also not just boost your Local SEO but you could build a stronger local brand awareness, gain a positive reputation and even earn some online testimonials which will further help your cause.

Make Your WhoIs Information Public

WhoIs is a database where people can go to look up the owners of domain names. Many people choose to make this information private to avoid people knowing their real names and contact information. Keeping your WhoIs private could save you from some spam emails or even spam snail mail but it could do more damage than good. Having a private WhoIs is like a red flag to Google because it will be wondering why you are hiding. By making this information public it shows Google that you are trust worthy and it also proves that your information is accurate. WhoIs is another way for search engines to verify that you are who you say you are and you shop is where you say it is.  Just make the WhoIs information all about the local business and don’t include any of your personal information and you will be fine.

Use Your Location and Address in Your Blog

It is obvious why you want to have your address on your website; this allows search engines to verify your business for local search results. You should also use your address in other places on your website in order to gain further local a Michigan SEO company. The easiest way to incorporate this is through the use of your blog. You can blog about local events in order to make your location that more prominent. By adding blog posts about your local location, that location will act as keywords that search engines can easily find in order to match up your physical address. This is just another way to ensure that search engines know where your business is located and it will give you an edge over other businesses that are not taking advantage of such tactics.

Incentivize Positive Reviews

Positive reviews are an important part of local search results. This is a huge trust factor in the eyes of the search engines. This is part of online reputation management that you need to take seriously. Google adds these reviews directly to the results pages for local listings now. This makes it hard to hide from unhappy customers but also makes it easy for the world to see happy customers and good reviews.  People take these reviews very seriously, so make sure you know how you’re doing. Make it worth the while for happy customers to mention you in a review. This will help you get more traffic in a big way. If you do not rank in the number one spot in local search but you have the most positive reviews, you are likely to get the majority of the traffic, even though you are not in the top spot.

Match Information throughout Your Directories

There are many directories you can and should be submitting your business to in order to get the most out of local search results. It is not enough however to simply register your business and call it good. You should make the most out of these directories by filling out all the possible input boxes with keyword rich information. Remember as you are filling out these profiles that all your information must match over every web site you submit to. If you have even slightly different information in your name, description or contact info, it could lead to confusion from search engines and you could lose an edge to another competing business.

By taking advantage of these tips you can rank well for local search results on your own and you will not have to spend much money to do it. These benefits will last for a long time into the future as search engines evolve.  You should also try to network with all local businesses and see if you could receive a mention in one of their blog posts or other onsite announcements.

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Small Business SEO Guide for 2013

In 2013 search engine optimization continues to be one of the most cost effective ways to get potential customers to your small business website. The methods of taking advantage of SEO services are evolving however and you need to keep up with the best practices in order to build the most trust between your web site and the search engines. This article will act as a guide for small businesses to create the most cost effective and safe campaign. Follow this guide to gain free (also referred to as ‘organic’) web site traffic.

Get Friendly with Social Media

You have probably heard it before but you need to be using social media. Social media has many benefits including direct traffic referrals, building a community and brand awareness. As far as search engine optimization goes, social media is a must. Search engines have caught on to the popularity of social media and therefore placed social signals in their ranking algorithms.

A social signal is when someone interacts with your social media posts or page. Every social media site has a different method for interacting with one another. On Twitter you have hash tags and re-tweets, on Facebook there are ‘likes’, shares and comments. When you post a link to content on your business page directing them to your website and people interact with it – that is a social signal.

Another SEO benefit of social media sites is that there are so many of them. By creating profiles on many of these sites you are connecting your site to them which will increase your authority. One caution however is that all the information on these profiles needs to be exactly the same. The information in input boxes does not need to be identical but should contain the same keywords. All the contact information including your name, address, phone number etc. does need to be identical however.  If your competitors are doing this and you are not, that could be enough to put them ahead of you in the search results.

Learn to Link Internally

Internal linking and structure is a big deal that many web site owners have no idea about. You can do everything right but if you do not have proper internal linking on your site, then it could all be for nothing. Linking internally means linking to pages within your own website. The benefit of doing this is that it gives search engines a path to follow in order to find all the pages of your website. If they do not have this path, they may never be able to index the internal pages of your site.  This is a method to help a common practice of having a Sitemap.

Also by using keyword anchor text from your home page you can pass along the authority of your home page to your internal pages thus making them easier to rank themselves. The best way to practice this internal link structure is to create a pyramid starting with your homepage. Plan out this pyramid on paper and how you intend to link to the lower pages, then take your plan to your web site and add the links.

Create a Blog and Use it

As a small business owner you are probably not excited to take on another task that needs to be done daily or every other day. However, blogging is one of the most important parts of the cost effectiveness of search engine optimization today.

Most small business seo web sites do not have much content on them because they were not intended to deliver much diverse information.  Essentially, they are a larger business card that sits online for most. The idea of a small business web site is to convey the message of the company and contact potential customers. A blog gives you an opportunity to build as much content as you can. The benefit of this is great. First of all you will give search engines more pages to view thus building trust with them. Second you will have an opportunity to update your web site often. Updating your website often will cause search engines to view your website often too. This alone gives you yet another trust factor in the eyes of search engines. A website that is updated often means the owner is interested in the topic and invested in it. Also by updating, you will have a better chance at ranking for topics that are time sensitive.

By following these steps you will be practicing the most cost effective way to get new customers. These tactics are completely safe and will not draw any red flags from search engines. Take the time to practice these SEO tactics and you will be sure to see an increase in free traffic.

About the Author

Jas Saran is the founder of G Web Pro Marketing Inc, a Web Design and Small Business SEO Company in Toronto, specializing in a complete online marketing solutions.

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