Local SEO Tips

If you are looking for a way to get more targeted leads in 2013; Local SEO company is where you should start. You can get a very good return on investment with local SEO because the out of pocket expense could be fairly low over the long run for the lasting results it provides. By taking advantage of a few simple local SEO tips you can rank your website in Google Places and get seen by the many people browsing the internet on their mobile devices. Mobile devices are becoming the method of choice for searching the internet so it is important you start now to rank for local SEO.

Get Involved With Local Online Communities

This means actively participating in local sites, social sites or even local forums. This will give you an edge because search engines will see that you are associated with forums that are talking about your local area.  This would be considered above and beyond what your competition is probably doing. This is a big factor because it proves that your business is actually in the area you claim to be in and you are an active part of that community. By participating in local forums you will also not just boost your Local SEO but you could build a stronger local brand awareness, gain a positive reputation and even earn some online testimonials which will further help your cause.

Make Your WhoIs Information Public

WhoIs is a database where people can go to look up the owners of domain names. Many people choose to make this information private to avoid people knowing their real names and contact information. Keeping your WhoIs private could save you from some spam emails or even spam snail mail but it could do more damage than good. Having a private WhoIs is like a red flag to Google because it will be wondering why you are hiding. By making this information public it shows Google that you are trust worthy and it also proves that your information is accurate. WhoIs is another way for search engines to verify that you are who you say you are and you shop is where you say it is.  Just make the WhoIs information all about the local business and don’t include any of your personal information and you will be fine.

Use Your Location and Address in Your Blog

It is obvious why you want to have your address on your website; this allows search engines to verify your business for local search results. You should also use your address in other places on your website in order to gain further local a Michigan SEO company. The easiest way to incorporate this is through the use of your blog. You can blog about local events in order to make your location that more prominent. By adding blog posts about your local location, that location will act as keywords that search engines can easily find in order to match up your physical address. This is just another way to ensure that search engines know where your business is located and it will give you an edge over other businesses that are not taking advantage of such tactics.

Incentivize Positive Reviews

Positive reviews are an important part of local search results. This is a huge trust factor in the eyes of the search engines. This is part of online reputation management that you need to take seriously. Google adds these reviews directly to the results pages for local listings now. This makes it hard to hide from unhappy customers but also makes it easy for the world to see happy customers and good reviews.  People take these reviews very seriously, so make sure you know how you’re doing. Make it worth the while for happy customers to mention you in a review. This will help you get more traffic in a big way. If you do not rank in the number one spot in local search but you have the most positive reviews, you are likely to get the majority of the traffic, even though you are not in the top spot.

Match Information throughout Your Directories

There are many directories you can and should be submitting your business to in order to get the most out of local search results. It is not enough however to simply register your business and call it good. You should make the most out of these directories by filling out all the possible input boxes with keyword rich information. Remember as you are filling out these profiles that all your information must match over every web site you submit to. If you have even slightly different information in your name, description or contact info, it could lead to confusion from search engines and you could lose an edge to another competing business.

By taking advantage of these tips you can rank well for local search results on your own and you will not have to spend much money to do it. These benefits will last for a long time into the future as search engines evolve.  You should also try to network with all local businesses and see if you could receive a mention in one of their blog posts or other onsite announcements.

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